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Anemone Platform

Anemone is an open platform for experiments with Internet of Things.

In Anemone, you can create flows - small applications which run in the cloud and load input or data from some places and send or store this data to another places.

In addition you can send data to flows or receive data from them by an Open Hardware device or by a Mobile App.

Anemone platform can be used entirelly free of charge.

You can sign up for free or learn more about the platform at

Getting Started

Getting started with Anemone is quick and easy:

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Add your first Tentacle
  3. Create your first Flow
  4. Add your Tentacle and Mobile App connection to the Flow
  5. Download our mobile apps and sign in
  6. Play with your new flow

Feel free to send us a message at with your feedback.


With Anemone platform your web application can now interact with the physical world of Internet of Things and use a Mobile App for Android and iOS. Both for free.

Anemone IoT Platform has the following main features.

Flow Editor

Flows can be created or adjusted online in our flow based programming editor. Simple things can be done by an easy drag-and-drop. More complex things can be programmed using JavaScript.

More about Flow Editor

Open Hardware Devices

Anemone platform currently supports two open hardware devices based on nodeMCU v2 by default (we call them Tentacles). But any open hardware device which is capable of using MQTT can be connected to the Anemone Platform.

Right now two low-cost hobby Tentacles based on nodeMCU v2 are supported - a button and display. But support for an industrial quality devices from the BigClown family is coming soon.

Cool 3D printable cases for every Anemone Tentacle can be downloaded from the Anemone Tentacle cases collection on Thingiverse.

More about Tentacles

Mobile App

Anemone Platform has its own mobile app for Android and iOS (coming soon).

After signing in you can interact with your Flows from you mobile device. You can read or write values and trigger actions in your Flow.

Get it on Google Play

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