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Flows are designed in the Flow Editor.

How it works

The principle and architecture of Flows is decribed in the Pipelines & Nodes section of the Flow Editor documentation.

Example Flows

We have prepared 4 example flows which should introduce you to the features of the platform.

Shopping Button



Do you know Amazon Dash Buttons and how users love them? We created our own open-source button for your shopping list. Try it and use it as an inspiration for your business.

More about Shopping Button Flow

Personal Finances



What is your current balance? How much money do you need to save for a car? Connect Display Tentacle with WebAPI from the largest Czech bank Česká spořitelna. Your banking information can be displayed for example in a garage.

More about Personal Finances Flow

Minimal Flow



Minimal Flow demonstrates the most basic flow which can be created. When a message is triggered by the Trigger node, a value is logged into a console. This flow does not require any hardware (tentacles) to function.

More about Minimal Flow

Advanced Example



Advanced Example demonstrates how a Button and Display can be used together. When a button is pressed a current time from server is displayed on the display.

More about Advanced Example

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