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BigClown Base Tentacle allows you to read various data and send it to your Flow. It has a modular sensor architecture (sensors in BigClown world are called Tags). BigClown Base Tentacle does not have ability to connect itself to the internet (therefore to the Anemone Cloud) directly. You will need to connect it to your computer or RaspberryPi via USB cable or wirelessly to the BigClown USB Dongle.

How to build


The following components are needed for your BigClown Base Tentacle:

  1. 1x The Core Module
  2. 1x The Power Module
  3. 1x The Base Module (but the bottom part of this case is replacing it)
  4. 1x USB-A to micro-USB cable

You can add up to 3 individual sensor tags as needed.

How to use

Support for this Tentacle Coming Soon! But a cute 3D Printable Case for it can be downloaded right now.

BigClown Base Station

On the other hand BigClown Base Tentacle can receive wireless data from the rest of your BigClown network (for example from the BigClown (BC) Remote Tentacle, the BigClown USB Dongle can be used for that purpose as well).

BigClown Tentacles are more complex, versatile and robust than the low-cost tentacles based on NodeMCU v2. BigClown Tentacles have industrial quality. But all of this comes for a cost. BigClown Tentacles are also more expensive.

You can find more about the BigClown devices on the BigClown website.

BigClown Base Station Front BigClown Base Station Back
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